When is the right time?

The “right” time is different for everyone. Maximizing economic upturns, health questions, change of lifestyle, family priorities etc. all can play a factor. Let us listen to your story and help map a strategy that fits your goals.

How much is my dealership worth?

Our insights go beyond the formula and assign value characters to your unique equation. Ask for our dealership evaluation. A simple phone call serves as the starting point for our proprietary analysis.

How long will the process take?

While each transaction is unique, generally speaking the entire term of the transaction normally takes three to five months, from representation agreement to closing.

Who might find out that I’m considering selling? When?

Ozog Consulting Group pledges confidentiality. Our marketing efforts are discreet and professional. Initially, only the seller will know that the dealership is exploring ownership transfer. all of the dealership financial data is stored in a secure data room. The data room is strictly controlled as is the ability for prospective buyers to view or download. Prospective buyers are first qualified by Ozog Consulting Group and then sign confidentiality agreements. Once a definitive sale/purchase agreement is executed (approximately 75 days before closing), the significant deal points have already been put to bed. At this stage, the manufacturer and key employees usually become involved.

What will happen to my employees?

When a buyer purchases a business, your dealership’s staff resources are a critical element to the transaction’s value. While some employee transition is normal, high performing positions are traditionally prized by new owners.

Will a new owner share my commitment to community?

More often than not, a community component is present within a dealership business plan. Verifying that the incoming values mirror those of the established practice is important and should be prioritized for the negotiation. Depending upon the importance of community relations, Ozog Consulting Group will search to match seller and buyer objectives.

These criteria matter to you, and to us. After all, the total package must make sense for seller and prospective buyer.

But in the end, numerical analysis takes its ultimate role as the final determinant, supporting the greatest cost/benefit proposition for buyer and seller. In other words, the blue sky is great, but it’s all about the bottom line. And deciphering the numbers, well, that is our specialty.