Seven Stage Sales Process

The seven stage sales process has been honed for 15 years and produces the best results for buyer and seller. Listed below is the seven step process our company follows to work with dealerships.



Financial Analysis

Memorandum of Understanding

Letter of Intent

Execution of Definitive Agreements


Searching for Sellers

When we’re not visiting clients on site, we’re working the phones and email. Simply put, we network with dealer groups and individual retailers across the country, tracking trends and opportunities. Through the years, we’ve come to ask the right questions and note the tone of dealers’ answers. It’s amazing what listening uncovers. Add that to our proprietary process of valuation and we are confident that Ozog Consulting Group can help you determine when the timing is right to sell and where the best suitors are found.

Qualifying Buyers

Prospective buyers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are looking for opportunities in a specific region or under a particular brand. Others just want to expand their holdings with proven performers. Whatever their individual motivations or criteria, buyers must have the wherewithal to complete the deal. It’s in these details that we verify and validate Buyer capabilities. After all, it’s your legacy… we just help you transition it to the next best hands.

Financial Analysis

Ozog Consulting brings over 100 years of acquisition and disposition experience to this state of the sales cycle. We completely analyze, unlike some firms, and steer clear from multiple based pricing because mulitple based pricing does not take into account or establish a true value or true investment.

Negotiating and Closing

Ozog Consulting Group delivers results with its unique ability to determine a dealership’s market value and also meet intangible objectives. We help quantify how much the business is worth and then negotiate the wish list items. We work with and for both seller and buyer to effectuate the transaction, making sure that net proceeds are maximized, before and after the sale. During the commitment phase, Ozog Consulting Group can assist the manufacturer approval process, develop inventory schedules and ensure that all components meet mutual acceptance. Finally, we attend the closing to shepherd the final transfer of ownership.

Commission/Fee Structure

Ozog Consulting Group follows the industry standard for buy/sell commissions. While every deal is different, we scale the overall transaction compensation according to its unique intangibles. More information is available within our representation agreements available at the top of this section.