Why Us?

We are experts in maximizing proceeds to our clients.  How?

1. Our understanding of valuation

We are the firm that understands a dealership sells based on a buyer’s return on investment threshold.  Regardless of the brand, the simplistic multiple of earnings approach, that is so often used in this industry, is unfair for both the buyer and the seller.  Gone are the days of crazy multiples paid from consolidators rushing to build enough mass to take to the open market.  The industry has matured and now takes a more measured approach to valuing a dealership.  

ROI is the standard now used which we calculate based on an analysis of earnings – current, historical and proforma (what the buyer believes he can make).  Also vital to the pricing are variables including geographical location, real estate valuation, working capital requirements, fixed assets, fleet business, wholesale parts, facility requirements, net to sales, net to gross, per copy net (front and back), dollar per RO, etc.  

2. Our understanding of transaction structure

Using our extensive knowledge, we help to maximize the proceeds using not only transaction price but also transaction structure.  Few brokers understand the complexity of structuring a transaction to maximize proceeds.  Joe’s years as a tax accountant coupled with sheer quantity of deals transacted, rounds off his expertise in structuring deals for the most advantageous tax treatments.  

3. Our understanding of terms of the deal

There are many details involved in selling a dealership.  Whether this is our client’s first or 50th transaction, in every transaction there are issues that arise that can “trip up” a deal.  Our firm helps clients navigate through often overwhelming details and items that can have a significant impact on net proceeds (i.e. reps to warranties, holdback provisions, non-compete no hire provisions, etc).  

We are trustworthy and honest (sometimes painfully)

Joe has spent over 25 years in the industry and worked hard to build and maintain a reputation in the industry as a man of integrity and has built a team who reflect these values.  Our team has worked with most of the top consolidators and with many leaders in the industry and has built many lasting relationships within the industry so feel free to check up on us.  

Rather than provide a list of references, which we all know can be manipulated, go to the list of transactions closed on the “Our Clients” tab.  Feel free to contact anyone from this list and do your own due diligence on us.  We can provide contact information for anyone of the list if needed.

We are selfishly selective

We are selective and efficient in where we spend our resources and times.  We must know that buyers are qualified, and sellers are ready to go before we agree to an engagement.  At Ozog Consulting, we limit our pursuits to principal transactions each year.  When we bring you a buyer, they have met our firm’s standards of approvability and financial wherewithal.  

With over $5 billion in previous transactions, we’re confident that our expert, detailed analysis and proprietary processes will help transition your investment into the best next hands.  Your future depends on it and so does ours.  That’s why we say we are selfishly selective:  for you… and for us.

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